Company InterSOFCONTROL 97 Ltd. has been established August 1997, as an extension of the first Bulgarian private inspection company – SOFCONTROL. Like all the other companies in the brunch, our company has been established by experts from the Bulgarian state company BULGARKONTROLA.

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Inspection of goods /Survey/, Sampling, Average assessments /Damage Survey/

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1. Inspection of goods /Survey/ - to ascertain the correspondence between the declared by the Consignor and the actually received by the Consignee regarding: the quantity, the condition the packing condition, the marks, or something else mentioned in the commercial contract.

2. Sampling – to take and prepare for laboratory analysis samples of different types of goods.

3. Average assessments /Damage Survey/ - to ascertain the quantity, character, the causes and the amount of loss of damaged or robbed goods, assured by Bulgarian or foreign insurers.



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